Katie Gardner Photography

San Diego California US
Arts and Entertainment
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How We Are Helping

SAVE 5, GIVE 5! 5% off a portrait shoot, plus 5% donated to fund microloans with Erase Poverty. Mention this ad or use code: SAVE5GIVE5.

Who We Are

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are” – Paul Caponigro. Katie Gardner Photography consists of myself, along with a phenomenal team of gypsy second shooters. I’m currently located in San Diego and get my kicks from the sunshine, local coffee shops, the great outdoors, carry-on luggage, mechanical pencils, and gift cards.

What We Do

One of my goals as a photographer is to make images that capture the true essence of the people in front of my camera. My hope, beyond creating anti-JC Penny portraits, is to create photography that is relevant and moving even generations from now. My favorite subjects are real people living messy, beautiful lives. I love to capture stories in weddings, family shoots, engagements, maternity sessions, and, when the opportunity arises, travel photography. Some of my corporate clients include: United Way, University of California San Diego, California Western School of Law, Infantino, Joseph Wong Design Associates, The Music Therapy Center of California, Tigerama Publishing, Potentia Therapy Group, and Flood Church.

Why We Care

In high school I took my first trip outside the country to build houses in the poverty-stricken towns of Tijuana, Mexico. It was this trip, and subsequent visits south of the U.S. border that instilled a desire to learn from, work with, and give back to cultures outside my own. Over the last 15 years I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to various countries in Europe and parts of Africa and Haiti. Most distinctly in Mexico, Africa, and Haiti, I encountered a staggering lack of basic resources and infrastructure, with systems and governments that only perpetuated the problems. After working with numerous NGOs, but specifically with women and children in post war Uganda, it became apparent that true progress happens when INDIVIDUALS are empowered with resources to make positive change in their own communities. Becoming a member of Erase Poverty was a no-brainer. There are no opportunities (that I know of) to give back in the ways that Erase Poverty affords to small businesses. One of the things I like best about Erase Poverty is that Microfinance moves people from dependence on aid to self-reliance. It’s important to me that EP is giving a hand up, not a handout. The knowledge that my business is supporting microloans for individuals around the world, gives me hope that extreme poverty can actually be erased in our generation.