: Tanzania -
: Food
: $975
: Opportunity International

Antony Kimaro is a member of the Jehova trust group in the Kurasini neighborhood of Dar es Salaam. He owns a general store and fruit stand selling a wide range of goods. Antony has one employee who assists him to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables each day from markets near the neighborhood. Antony’s store attracts many customers because it has a great selection of household goods. For his fifth loan cycle, Antony has applied to take a loan of 1,500,000TZS from Opportunity Tanzania. He will use this loan to expand his shop and to build another stall nearby so that he can stock and store extra goods. Antony happily explains that he started his business with only a little capital and an empty stall, and now he has two stalls and they are full of products.
Antony has one child that is one and a half years old. In the future, he hopes that can open a store in a new location. Through the increased profits, Antony hopes to build his own house on his own plot of land. He also hopes that he can provide food, an education, and a good life for his child and his family.