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: Services
: $500
: Foundation for Women

I love making products that help to reconnect us to nature. The organic and natural ingredients in my body butters, face creams, scrubs and toners nourish and provide protection for the skin. I like the fact that the raw ingredients are made by women in West Africa and that we all benefit from this trade. 
I've been underemployed before and being a woman, an older woman, is hard enough when looking for employment and just trying to get money together to start a business is definitely a challenge
The first micro loan of $250 from the Foundation for Women was used for business cards, raw materials and packaging. There is no way to put a monetary value on the encouragement and education I continue to receive from these wonderful ladies.  My steps may be small now but soon I will be running.
My dream is to provide affordable skincare that is chemical and toxic-free for people who can least afford to be sick; then it can be marketed in a more upscale manner.
My family is the Family of Man and I want my Family healthy.