Why Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing is a collaboration between a business and a non-profit that benefits both organizations.
Until now, cause marketing has typically only been accessible to large companies.

Through Erase Poverty, small businesses can now participate in this impactful opportunity! Join today and get started making a difference.

Our Vision

What if in the next 5 years, 5% (1.5M) of the 30 million small businesses in the USA could join with their customers to fund 23 million microloans? Sustainably erasing poverty for 604 million people through the power of small business!

This is the vision of Erase Poverty:

  Pilot 2 Years 5 Years
Erase Poverty Members 1,000 148,000 1.5 milllion (5%)
Microloans Funded 1,046 823,000 23 million
Jobs Created 4,384 3.4 million 46 million
Children Impacted 3,661 2.8 million 81 million
Total Beneficiaries 56,986 44.5 million 604 million people!
Consider This
  • 83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes. (Cone’s 2010 Cause Evolution Study.)
  • 71% of respondents believe brands and consumers could do more to support good causes by working together. (Edelman’s 2010 goodpurpose study.)
  • 63% want brands to make it easier for them to make a positive difference. (Edelman’s 2010 goodpurpose study.)
  • Employees who are very involved in their company’s cause program are 28% more likely to be proud of their company’s values and 36% more likely to feel a strong sense of loyalty. (Cone’s 2010 Cause Evolution Study.)
  • 61% are willing to try a new brand or one they’ve never heard of if associated with a cause. (Cone’s 2010 Cause Evolution Study.)