About Us

Erase Poverty is a social venture focused on sustainably helping erase poverty for good by strengthening and funding small business globally.

What if in the next 5 years 1.5 million small businesses in the USA could grow their business and also join with their customers to fund 23 million microloans for microentrepreneurs working their way out of poverty? Helping 600 million people, including 82 million children, escape poverty? We believe it is possible. Together, we can erase extreme poverty. For good.

Our model doesn’t just hand over aid – it offers people the chance to work their way out of poverty for the long term. And, the typical return on investment for microentrepreneurs is an astonishing 120 to 800%!

We have travelled the world and visited the places most in need of help. Experiences like this change you. The joy you feel when you realize that such a small amount can create so much benefit for so many has driven us to develop Erase Poverty. We realize most people inherently want to help others, they simply don’t know where to begin.

Begin here. Begin today.

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